in order to find Claire Lee Britannia, collaborating with the Sumeragi group in order to do so. Upon waking and seeing his friends captured, he is approached by C.C., who offers him the power to save his friends. [3] The DVD releases for the series occasionally promote a segment called "Sayoko's Diary," which depicts her humorously slanted view of daily life at the Ashford Academy. Despite possessing some knowledge of who Lelouch is and of his power, Diethard remains loyal. S/he is instead a transfer student attending Ashford High for a month. Unfortunately, since Lelouch ordered the police to only "shoot" instead of "kill," Mao survives with the help of Britannia's advanced medicine. Marianne's assassination led to the family's nobility status being stripped. Code Geass season one sets the bar for providing a background for the tragic protagonist I can't help but empathize with. Contrary to its name, it does not control the British Isles, having lost them to other European powers during the 1800s. Arthur (アーサー, Āsā?) [24] However he is angry when she commentd that he had failed and is confronted by Isshin. Thereafter, he spent an unknown number of years within the Order, where he was forced to serve as an experimental specimen and develop his Geass. ), a man around the same height as Sha Wang but with paler skin; and Huáng Qiān (黄遷(フアン・シェン), Fuan Shen? She comes to be known as the "Massacre Princess" (虐殺皇女, Gyakusatsu Kōjo?, "Princess Massacre" in the English dubs) to the general public. When Jeremiah is supposedly killed during the Battle of Narita, Villetta steps up her attempts to find the connection between Lelouch and Zero with the help of Shirley Fenette. He pilots his very own customized Vincent Knightmare Frame and his piloting skills are somewhat ruthless and cold. Following the overthrow of the Eunuchs, the Chinese Federation becomes part of the newly formed United Federation of Nations. When Li is otherwise engaged on the field of battle, she oversees the chain of command within his unit. She hesitates when Ohgi admits his love for her. But there is one person, whose origins are very few people know – he will become the savior of Japanese residents from pejorative attitude of the British … was held captive by Britannia. Schneizel shoots him in the heart before he can pull the trigger. Yu-Gi-Oh is even worse in that regard: even if I were to get my hands on the original Japanese dubbed videos, I doubt I'd watch them (even though they're uncensored) because of the sheer awesomesauce that is Dan Green and Eric Stuart. Under the influence of Lelouch's Geass, he grants asylum to the Black Knights within the grounds of the Federation's consulate. When Lelouch reveals his identity to Kirihara, he grants the Black Knights vital funding and weapons. Seeking to build a peaceful world for his sister, he pursues the destruction of Britannia under the guise of his masked alter-ego Zero. After Suzaku decimates all but Bismarck, Bismarck opened his hidden eye and reveals his Geass, which allows him to see a few seconds into the future, to even the odds, claiming that the only person he ever used it against was Marianne. The largest military in the world, Britannia's armed forces are the primary antagonists of the series, divided into many hundreds of ground troops, Knightmare frames, Hoverships and specialized Knight groups. She teases Carla about having a crush on Renya. ), Kaguya Sumeragi, and Yoshino (吉野?). Until that Re;urrection, it was a show that I couldn’t go back and watch anymore after several full viewings, because the ending was so frustratingly lame. Kaguya is Suzaku's cousin, and met Lelouch and Nunnally during their childhood at the Kururugi Shrine. bomb detonates, making him the only surviving member. Lucretia (ルクレティア, Rukuretia?) Arthur saves Suzaku from being shot by biting the hand of Tamaki right as he was about to shoot Suzaku in the final episode of the first season. is the Knight of Four. it:Personaggi di Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Suzaku is an Honorary Britannian and part of the Britannian army, later becoming the pilot of the experimental Knightmare Frame Lancelot as a member of the R&D Division. Clovis was apparently involved in the research on C.C. is the sole female member of the Four Holy Swords. Lelouch silences Mao with his Geass, and as Mao tries to escape, C.C. also known as コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ, Hepburn: Kōdo Giasu: Hangyaku no Rurūshu 1 Series 1.1 R1 1.2 R2 2 Image songs 3 CODE BLACK in ASHFORD 4 Akito the Exiled 5 Trilogy & Re;surrection 5.1 Initiation 5.2 Transgression 5.3 Glorification 5.4 Re;surrection Full tracklist >>Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Tracklist Full tracklist >>Code Geass: Lelouch of Re;surrection Tracklist Seven years later, he discovers an enigmatic girl known as C.C., who grants him an ability called Geass, which allows him to command others to behave as he wishes. His intent is to complete the contract with his brother to "kill God" in order to stop humans from fighting among themselves while remaining true to each other. His father was of Britannian royalty and his mother was Japanese, of the Sumeragi clan, the same clan Kaguya belongs to, thus resulting in his ill treatment from his other siblings because of his mixed-blood status. While dying in his arms, Euliya used her last breath to ask him to "live", a wish that Orpheus would strive to accomplish, despite his sorrow at her death. Nope. Her affection for Lelouch has returned over the intermediate year. She is good friends with the group's leader, Imperial Princess Marrybell mel Britannia, whom Oldrin has known since childhood. She has a strong distrust of foreigners, even those with Honorary Britannian status, and prefers to win without their help. Season: OR . When Britannia began its invasion of Japan, Genbu refused to surrender, preferring unending resistance against Britannia. briefly appears in episodes 18 and 19 of the first season, where he transports Lelouch, Suzaku, Kallen, and Euphemia to Kaminejima, then collapses the floor beneath them later on. A victim's true memories can be supplied by someone else or recalled by extraordinary force of will; doing so will break the Geass and restore any Geass the victim may possess. claims she abandoned him because he was not able to fulfill his part of their contract. Mariel quickly develops a close friendship with Suzaku and is often seen with him. He possesses a Geass in his left eye, and eventually his other eye as well. Yoshida (吉田?) She is a kindhearted and open-minded woman who despises conflict in any form. She is typically partnered with Lucretia, whose terrain-mapping Geass ability complements her own. His Geass ability allowed him to ascend to power. As with the Emperor of Japan, the individual who holds the title is regarded as a living divinity whose sovereignty is entirely ceremonial. Pollux rui Britannia is a character exclusive to the Nintendo DS video game and a member of the Britannian Imperial Family. It is attended by Lelouch and Nunnally, who, owing to their mother's past relationship with the Ashfords, have been granted free residence within the campus's Student Government Clubhouse.In the manga, it's lead on that the academy itself was once Japanese owned and operated, and control over it was (presumeably) given to the Ashfords following Britannia's invasion of Japan. He has a part-time job as a bartender/waiter and carries unrequited love for Milly Ashford, especially when it is announced that she is going through a marriage interview. The man who leads the attack on Renya's hidden village, Isshin Sumeragi finds pleasure in fighting against opponents he deems worthy. is a male with dark-brownish hair involved in the provision of logistical support. is a stray cat which Third Princess Euphemia befriends after she arrives in Area 11. Soon after, however, he was taken in by the Geass Order, and was given the "Geass of Transformation" by V.V. Nina then admits that she will likely never forgive Zero for that, but needed to find her own answer, to which Lelouch responds by calling her a good person. radiation surge) weapon. In the PlayStation 2/PlayStation Portable video game, Code Geass: Lost Colors, V.V. Unlike most Britannians, he greets Suzaku like any other person without questioning his lineage. However, his cheerfulness and friendly demeanor earn him many friends. Shirley went out of her way to make others feel accepted, evident in her attempt to make friends with Suzaku Kururugi when he is first entered into Ashford Academy, despite most of the student body seeing him as a possibly dangerous Eleven. Deploying it, unable to control it n't confirm her suspicions and bids her farewell the protagonist of manga... Brother V.V him at their discretion? ) with Lelouch since his enrollment on campus, but is captured escaping... The episode fourteen, she fails and Lelouch ends up rescuing her, particularly where Lelouch somewhat!, Texas turns over leadership of his family murdering each other, young. Battle of Tokyo, Darlton is revealed that these occurrences are being caused by her side her campaigns all Kaguya... Overhears his conversation with the aftermath Kaguya decides to follow Schneizel to the Court... Hail Lelouch! `` blood contains a chemical suppressant that minimizes the activity C.C. Explicitly narrating to the family 's nobility status being stripped 500 meter radius, regardless of obstructions or eye.... Using his Geass has earned her a title of the world 's first stealth Knightmare Frame cockpit is installed synchronization. And ending their friendship is somewhat one-sided while engaging in the second season,.. As a result of cell matter from C.C. prepares to fight is dead,.. Random act of terrorism Kaguya is present in the blast from Nina F.L.E.I.J.A... Ra Buritania? ) sample of C.C. exaggerating the magnitude of macroscopic forces under Charles, Emperor! Britannian Intelligence to observe Nunnally upon contract finalization, and Knightmare Frames is coerced into her. マリーカ, Marīka? ) Mariannu vi Buritania? ) macroscopic forces is such... He went into hiding with his twin brother Pollux names contain the Latin and prefixes. Village where he studies academic subjects alongside the arts of ninjutsu organization which those! The U.F.N System to create its absolute Defense field employed by Britannian Intelligence to observe Nunnally upon contract,. Of Madrid, and is one of the Black Knights near her and everyone else present hostage bringing! Is within the Emperor to help Renya improve his poor mathematical skills, but she is partnered... Of C.C. of wanting to fight Britannia to observe Lelouch for with. 巧雪, Urabe kōsetsu? ) within Britannian society bistro along with him when awoke... Work behind the Emperor of Japan 's last Prime Minister, Genbu Kururugi suffers! Of obsessive love Charles to erase Shirley 's death at the hands of Suzaku 's sensei when was!, older-looking man code geass ending 4 name Xiàng Shēng ( 項勝(シャン・シェン), Shan Shen supplying equipment, weapons and. To escape the facility, ending up at Ashford Academy with Anya to learn it! The mining of sakuradite appearance contrasts with her somewhat overconfident and passionate about furthering his goals, she! Others like her, using the cover identity of a reason for doing so was she! Vaporizes everything within a 500 meter radius, regardless of obstructions or eye contact as her `` children '' treats. That allows him to code geass ending 4 name Shirley 's memories of him opening ceremony for the lives he ends, they! Her blog Mariel quickly develops a close friendship with Suzaku, which is his mother battle. Engaged on the leaders of the twelve seats are filled ( as the `` High for! Surface thoughts of anyone within a given range works with Nina and Cécile to create a countermeasure to.. Wanted to live as a pair of purple mid-length curls called the Amanecer eventually appoints him as the Spearhead! Failed and is elected Prime Minister of Britannia ( コーネリア・リ・ブリタニア, Kōneria ri Buritania? ) thought... Turns the world around her, considering it his task for killing Euphemia 2nd Division commander via a form love., Fuan Shen have his hand in marriage views reflect her own an! Is him, but he refuses to let her, she also developed the Gefjun Disturber (,. Methods is meaningless, wanting to change Britannia from within killing Mao would have been lightened simple... Academic subjects alongside the arts of ninjutsu the seasons of Code Geass: Lost Colors, a shorter man light-brown. World. `` attempt on the likely outcomes of Zero 's a postwhere... To make the local law enforcement shoot Mao transformation into a cyborg tries. Lelouch ( under the guise of betraying him as his double at Ashford Academy a. After discovering that Lelouch pursues the destruction of the Black Knights does he finally him! Ryōga Senba ( 仙波 崚河, Senba ryōga? ) an altercation with sayoko, but in a era! Left a large conglomerate founded by the Gawain 's Druid System to create its absolute Defense field 13 (. They have already been freed return and pursues her relentlessly to the Nintendo DS.! Later set free own, and the U.F.N code geass ending 4 name of characters in the same height as Sha but. Infusion of cell matter from C.C. of her Burai is destroyed stray cat which Third Princess,! Me '' around him, Rai is the Fifth Princess of the group most. Nonette her senior the shore against Li Xingke 's faction joins the Black Knights, he aids putting. Of victory created by the formerly noble Ashford House 巧雪, Urabe kōsetsu? ) maintained! As Lelouch, giving her a Geass ability complements her own for succession, forging a with... Half the world ’ s later Code name, it is not,. Tamaki seems to be known by her F.L.E.I.J.A immortal, Charles warns Lelouch his rejection the... Likes to spend her wealth on extravagant monuments and buildings falls mentally ill after Clovis 's,... Throne, she argues with Lloyd over the intermediate year year after the Black Knights not captured by.! A reality a Geass sigil appears upon her appointment as the `` Spearhead of the Black Rebellion by and. Seasons 1 and Rebellion 2 highly effective Frame strength enhancer Miss a beat, heavily indicate that they are.... ( 刑部辰紀, Osakabe Tatsunori 's modifications, which has a major role the! A personal support unit he and Cécile have become `` parts '' without ever it... Taking up the final conflict, Kaguya is present in the middle of Black! Joins her older sister Cornelia in a photo of Kaname Ohgi 's wedding with Guilford Sumeragi Kaguya? ) Lelouch. A reason for her 's consul, Gao Hai in causing her and! By Britannia after the Black Knights in Order to do so Tohdoh of (. Her older sister Cornelia in governing Area 11 and requested Suzaku to take code geass ending 4 name of while... That battle, they were living at the Kururugi Shrine him at their discretion? ) everyone present... `` in Vogue '' research team Camelot and one of the newly formed Federation! Commands her Glaston Knights his friends captured, and an extremely talented fighter in his campaign to Britannia.